Testimonianza di un ex soldato israeliano che partecipò alla Nakba

Amnon Neumann: I was a fool and I didn’t know. Yes. 
That’s why I’m in such despair, because soldiers are always 19-20 years old, 
and they never sober up until they’ve been through four battles. 
That’s the main point. And there will always be new 19-year-olds.
Amnon Neumann: As I told you, the horrors of war are as hard as the battles. I said it. 
These horrors, the horrible things that in a war are often worse than the war. 
Worse things, that is, when women are killed, when you kill children, all the horrors surrounding war, 
not surrounding the battle, they are worse than the battles. 
It’s called “moraot” [horrors] in Hebrew. Not “me’oraot” [events], but “moraot” of the war. The horrible things of war.
Amnon Neumann: No. If there were prisoners they would be killed immediately.
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thanks to zochrot.org and indimedia.il

Per capire i motivi delle atrocità commesse durante la Nakba bisogna conoscere il pensiero dei suoi ideatori.
Riporto la lettera che Ben Gurion, capo e organizzatore delle operazioni militari durante la Nakba, e uno dei fondatori di Israele inviò a suo figlio, tentando di spiegargli come mai fosse necessario cacciare i palestinesi dalla Palestina.

Letter from David Ben-Gurion to his son Amos
5 October 1937
Ben-Gurion Archives in Hebrew
Institute of Palestine Studies, Beirut in English (translated)
URL: http://tinyurl.com/ctz93jw

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