How Israel succeeds to have EU money

Israel is the first non-EU state for quantity of money received from EU for research and development and a common person could think that it’s because the big extention of the research in that country. It isn’t that.

In the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), the present programme to fund R&D in European Union, there is a strange system to assign the funds. Everyone can sign up himself or herself on the website of FP7 and ask to be one of the experts to judge the worthiest projects. Then, in a second moment, the Directorate General calls the experts according to its needs, the personal skills of the experts and the skills referred to the proposals received from programme applicants.

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But there is a problem, also people of non-EU states can participate as experts in this assignation, also Israeli citizens. They should declare their possible conficts of interest and then, simply, they can judge the projects, also Israeli projects. But there isn’t transparency, we don’t know why the Directorate General prefers some experts instead of others. In spite of art. 255 of the EC Treaty about the public access to European Union’s documents, in spite of the regulation (EC) n. 1049/2001 regarding public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents.

This is the list of the health’s experts for the 2011. It’s incredible, there is a lot of pharmaceutical members, that can judge other pharmaceutical members, like good friends! Waiting to be repay! The same for Israeli citizens!

[slideshare id=13648772&doc=health2011-120715171924-phpapp01]


This is the website with the complete list.

European citizens don’t decide if Israeli will have european money but Israeli “experts” decide to send the money of european citizens to other Israeli.

European FP7 is a big mafia and Israeli found there their Promised Land.

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