Top Secret Jewish Propaganda Manual

In this period we had seen a lot of western media reports about Gaza bombing, but these reports focused their attention on the rockets slumped over Israel emphasizing the distress of Israeli population, without take care that Israel attacked Gaza first by its missiles, killing 164 people, injuring more of 1000, bombing hospitals, TV, civilian houses, a bank, the government building and creating an ambience of end of the world in GazaStrip.
But why western people must know only a part of the facts and don’t understand the real truth about Palestinian-Israeli situation?
The answer is easy, because there is someone that want it.
On the Middle Ages in some european Jewish settlements in particular in Askenazi settlements of Germany and Italy circulated some pamphlets about anti-christian rituals like the “Toledot Jeshu” a manual about the murder rituals practiced on Passover, killing christian babies and eating their blood.
The germany versions of this little book, written in Yiddish, was trasmitted only to the members of the Jewish communities, only to the men and only whom could preserve the secrecy.
It was a top secret Jewish propaganda manual.
Today there are much propaganda manuals.
The Israel Project, an american pro-isreali organization, writed once not for distribution or publication.
In this guide, Global Language Dictionary, there are all the words that work to do propaganda to the advantage of Israel.
Its author, Dr. Frank Luntz, in the preface, remember us that it’s not what you say that counts. It’s what people hear.
In particular about Gaza situation he focus specifically on public opinion about Israel’s right to defend itself from rocket attacks.

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Right to defend itself? But the public opinion is stupid? Don’t watch the Palestinian murders? They are 164, almost all civilian. Right to defende means to do a massacre? No, they don’t watch it because the western media don’t show it or if they report the number of Palestinians murdered they say that are casualities, collateral murders.
But why Israel bombs to defend itself from attacks? Why Israel doesn’t stop itself to bomb Gaza? Israel started to bomb Gaza first and then Hamas fired rockets over Israel. If Israel stops to bomb Gaza, Hamas doesn’t fire rockets.
Yes but Israel needs that Hamas fires rockets. Israel needs an enemy.
The Israelis live in an atmosphere of propaganda, they believe that Israel is the only democracy of the Middle East surrounded from states that want its destruction.
This is FALSE and everyone in the world knows that Israel isn’t a democracy because it is the only state of the world without a Costitution, because it hasn’t modern rules but halakha, the ancient Jewish laws, because their citizens can’t partecipate everyone to elections and to be voted for and anyone wants its destruction because Israel is the third nuclear power of the world with 400 atomic bombs that could use in every moment. Indeed the western media don’t say these things when they refer to Israel.
The Israelis are afraid of their neighboring populations because the propaganda everyday say them to be afraid.
On January there are new elections in Israel and who uses the fear to have votes needs to operate.
In the “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism” Livia Rokach reports the Moshe Sharett’s Personal Diaries that explains us how the propaganda works. Moshe Sharett was First Minister of Israel on the 1950s and he said that terrorism was been imported in the Middle East from Jews. He reported the method that Jews used to make terrorism together to propaganda. In particular he reported some events when Israelis killed Muslims to provocate a reply from Palestinians and then strike Palestinians charging them to started first. Or when Israelis killed Jews and accused Palestinians of killing to strike them in a second moment.
The propaganda is a powerful tool to circumvent people but there is a method to defend himself or herself, to know it.

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