#OpIsrael Strike!!! and continuing!!!

The following list includes lastest confirmed tango downs, hacks, defaces, docks, hijacks, database leaks & releases, delets out of the internet, admin takeovers etc. and these is only a little part of the affected websites. HERE ; HERE ; HERE ; HERE ; HERE.

We have registered that several pastebin docs have been deleted … looks like the Gov of Israel is trying to hide something.

Anonymous partial damage report:
– 100k+ websites
– 40k Facebook pages
– 5k twitter
– 30k Israeli bank acc got hacked
– Israelien prime ministers wife number: ********** … Lulz
– 3k+ websites of companies in israeli cyber space completely deleted
– Secret Israel Documents of Military leaked
– Several Gov websites hacked like Central Bureau of Statistics, Government Companies Authority, Government Publications Office, The National Insurance Institute, Israel’s Social Security ogranization, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel Export Institute, Israel Government Press Office, Israel Ministry of Defense, Israel Ministry of Environment, Israel Ports & Railways Authority, Israeli Antiquity Authority, Israeli Judicial Authority, Israeli Prime Minister, Parlament’s website, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Culture And Sports, State of Israel Information Technologies, Offical website of the State of Israel, Citizen Info Service, The Civil Service Commission, The Jewish Agency, Ministry of Tourism etc.
– Several trading websites hacked and US supported Zionist exposed
– 200k+ Visa/Mastercards users leaked on the internet

Total damage: ~ $3-plus billion damage

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