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‘Syrian conflict a fabricated war by CIA’ – Notizie dal Mondo

‘Syrian conflict a fabricated war by CIA’

As the Obama administration is increasing its involvement in the Syrian conflict, former American intelligence linguist, Scott Rickard, believes the conflict is “a fabricated war by the CIA.”


“The U.S. is one of the key players in intervention in Syria. The CIA… as well as mercenary companies like Black Water and others have been operating in and around Syria for some time especially out of Turkey and Jordan,” Rickard said in a phone interview with Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Saturday.


According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, the CIA and U.S. Special Operations Forces have been secretly training foreign-backed militant groups fighting against the Syrian government since November 2012, long before U.S. President Barack Obama approved delivery of arms to the militants.


The covert trainings have been conducted at bases in Jordan and Turkey, both neighbors of Syria.


According to the Times, the training courses involve training with rockets and anti-tank and antiaircraft weaponry like Russian-designed 14.5-millimeter antitank rifles, anti-tank missiles, and 23-millimeter antiaircraft weapons.


“This is pretty indicative of CIA operations. They try not to put American equipment in play because it makes it so obvious,” Rickard said.


The foreign-backed militants in Syria have been promised more arms as they say the weapons they have received from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries are not enough to tip the fight in their favor.


On Friday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who called for “immediate” airstrikes on Syria at a White House meeting on June 12, headed to Qatar to discuss further procurement of arms to militants in Syria.


“At the same time, you also have these folks who are involved in the actual arming of these rebels with mostly Russian-made equipment because they want to avoid the fact that American equipment is in there and that same Russian equipment is coming from black market as well as also coming out of the former Soviet arms manufacturing plants throughout the Balkans,” Rickard noted.



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