Strange disease eating away body of prisoner Ayham Kamamji

Strange disease eating away body of prisoner Ayham Kamamji.

JENIN, (PIC)– Islamic Jihad detainees in an Israeli jail said their prison mate Ayham Kamamji, 27, suffers from an unknown serious disease gradually disintegrating the tissue of his body.

In a leaked letter from Ramon jail, the detainees explained that this strange disease caused a 20-centimeter cavity in Kamamji’s back and his body started to decompose.

They said that the Israeli prison administration has been neglecting his health condition for six months and has not allowed him to undergo medical tests.

The detainees appealed to human rights groups to intervene to urgently provide him with appropriate medical treatment.

The detainees also called for taking action to end the medical neglect policy pursued by the Israeli jailers against the Palestinian prisoners and to pressure the Israeli prison authority to respect the medical needs of patients in its jails.

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