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Palestinian Activists Put Banners Inviting Israelis for Peace – Notizie dal Mondo

Palestinian Activists Put Banners Inviting Israelis for Peace

A number of Palestinian activists put banners and signs on the main entrance of several Palestinian cities calling for peace with the Israeli citizens.

The banners also included a message to the Israeli occupation not to enter into Palestinian civil areas due to its aggression and violations against the Palestinian people; as the Israeli Occupation raids Palestinian cities and villages and arrests the residents.

The big banners were placed on cement stones belonging to the Israeli Army on the main entrances of the Palestinian cities and included an invitation to the Israeli citizens to enter into the Palestinian territories as guests without fear or hesitation and to refuse to be an “enemy”.

Those banners came in response to the warning letters placed by the Israeli Army on the entrances of the Palestinian cities. Israeli Army put red color banners that warn the Israeli citizens that these are Palestinian territories and Israelis are banned entry. Whereas the Palestinian banners urge the Israelis to enter as guests into the Palestinian territories without any fear or worry.

According to the Israeli banners, the Israeli citizens are warned that entering into a Palestinian area exposes their lives to danger and criminal offenses will be imposed on the violators.

There is a difference between what the Israelis call for in their waning banners and the invitations of the Palestinian activities that eager for peace with the Israeli citizens.

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