Papua New Guinea Documentary Film

Footage from our work in Papua New Guinea to support the indigenous peoples’ struggle for their customary land amid serious land grabs.

Recently, we have received calls for action from groups in Papua New Guinea. In the last few years, 5.5 million hectares of customary land have been leased, primarily to foreign corporations, of which Australian and Malaysian logging companies are some of the biggest beneficiaries. The on the ground investigation conducted by our researchers in March 2013 confirms that the land has been acquired without the consent of or even the knowledge of customary landholders, the indigenous populations who have been living of this land for centuries. A detailed report will be released later this year.

This land grabbing involves the corruption of local officials, ineffectiveness of key government services, use of local police forces to suppress dissent, and eventually violations of basic human rights for thousands of people living on this land. Across the globe, communities and civil society organizations are fighting the takeover of what is often the only thing they have–their land. But this is a David versus Goliath struggle pitting rural populations and indigenous tribes against powerful corporations. That is why we have decided to produce a film that will expose the intentions of these companies, show the impact of the projects on the environment and the livelihoods of the impacted communities, and give a voice to local populations in order to support their efforts to take back what is rightfully theirs.

thanks to: Oakland Institute

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