0 thoughts on “West Papua, Australian complicity and the fight for freedom #Australia

  • 27 November 2013 at 23:23

    West Papua, as a nation which has been subjected to cruel abuse by the United Nations including Indonesia, Australia, the US, and other UN members since September 1962, is a nation that needs our help.

    For questionable & immoral motives the US blackmailed the Dutch into signing an agreement asking the UN under article 85 & chapter XII of the Charter of the United Nations ( http://www.un.org/en/documents/charter/chapter12.shtml ) to occupy & legally take over responsibility (article 76) for the colony. But by making General Assembly resolution 1752 (XVII) authorising the UN occupation of West New Guinea, the UN irreversibly made itself legally bound to the obligations of articles 76, 85, 87, and 88 of the UN Charter in relationship with the colony of West Papua; and under article 103 of the Charter nothing in any agreement can ever set aside those legal obligations of the UN Charter.

    Under international law and under local law ratifying our UN membership it is now our government’s legal duty to promote “self-determination or independence” of West Papua…

    .. all we the public need to do is force our government or get any UN government to add notice of General Assembly resolution 1752 (XVII) to the agenda of the UN Trusteeship Council. That will compel the UN Security Council members to commence their legal duties under articles 85, 87, and 88 of the Charter which in turn will compel Indonesia and the rest of the UN members to begin their legal obligations under articles 1 and 76 of the Charter in their relationships with West Papua. Sovereignty is an absolute legal right the people of West Papua have, and we should call on our governments to honour that legal obligation of being members of the UN.

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