Send medical aid for Gaza, TO Gaza, says Gaza Deputy Minister of Health

Ministry of Health Gaza

Gaza hospitals working with grossly inadequate resources

The critical lack of medical drugs and supplies in Gaza’s hospitals is one threat to patients’ chances of surviving the brutal Israeli airstrikes. A cynical lack of solidarity on the part of the unity government’s Ministry of Health in the West Bank is another.

International appeals for assistance for Gaza are being made by the West Bank ministry, whose pitiful record of keeping Gaza’s hospitals and clinic even minimally stocked before the current offensive are well-known. An UNRWA report of the situation as at June 2014 described the situation as ‘extreme,’ with a 50% deficiency in essential drugs, and warned that the lack of essential equipment, disposables and lab chemicals posed a very serious threat to patient treatment.

That same Ministry, clearly incapable of keeping Gaza’s hospitals and clinics supplied under normal circumstances, is now asking for donations for the Gaza emergency to be sent to the West Bank.

If we learn anything from history, it is that Gaza hospitals are likely to see few benefits from international generosity if it passes through the West Bank ministry.

It is therefore with considerable regret, particularly in light of the recent reconciliation agreement, that we must ask all international donors to provide emergency medical assistance for the Gaza crisis DIRECTLY to Gaza.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has a fully transparent and accountable system contained within its Policy and Procedures Manual to deal with international donations, to ensure the required drugs, equipment and disposables are purchased at the best rate, and provided with the minimum possible delay to those for whom they are intended – the Gazan victims of the Israeli offensive, and those whose treatment has been interrupted or prevented by the chronic shortages resulting from the Israeli siege compounded by West Bank mismanagement over many years.

We urge all international donors, individuals and organisations to contact Dr Mohammad Kashif, Director of International Relations, Ministry of Health, Gaza or Dr Ashraf Abu Mahadi, Director General of Pharmacy, or Dr Medhat Abbas, Director General of Ministry of Health, for information on the procedures to follow to ensure your donations are used well, and used promptly to alleviate Gaza’s suffering.

Dr Kashif: Phone: +972 599 742 702
Dr Ashraf Abu Mahadi: Phone +972 599 162 642
Dr Medhat Abbas: Phone +972 599 403 547

thanks to: Gaza.Scoop

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