EU’s Socialists & Democrats: Situation in Gaza Unsustainable

BERNE, SWITZERLAND, August 4, 2014 (WAFA) – “The situation in Gaza is becoming unsustainable. Humanitarian conditions are deteriorating,” Monday said President of the European Union’s Socialists & Democrats Group, Gianni Pittella.


He remarked: “Public resentment against this conflict has reached the streets of European cities, with the risk of more riots and protests,” adding: “We demand an extraordinary meeting of the European Council to be held as soon as possible to discuss the EU strategy vis-à-vis the Gaza conflict.


“The European Union should take concrete measures in order to stop the war going on in this region, including the adoption of an arms embargo,” added Pittella.


Gianni Pittella concluded by calling for a UN resolution to establish a humanitarian corridor along the Gaza Strip.


“The European Union should play a proactive role in the peace process and work immediately for a United Nations resolution to establish a humanitarian corridor along the Gaza Strip in order to get aid to civilians.”


‘It is time to act before it is too late. Business as usual is no longer acceptable.”


thanks to: Wafa

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