Arab Knesset Member to Obama: Are Gaza Children Allowed to Dream like Your Daughters, Malia and Sasha?

NAZARETH, August 6, 2014 (WAFA) – Ahmad al-Tibi, an Arab member of the Israeli Parliament, Knesset, sent on Wednesday a letter to the U.S. President Barack Obama listing the names and ages of the Palestinian fatalities in Gaza, including children.


Al-Tibi underscored the U.S. double standards in its policy towards the barbaric aggression on Gaza, including the arms supplies and financial support to Israel.


“I am writing this to express our resentment over your position, and the position of the U.S. administration, towards the Israeli aggression on Gaza.”


Al-Tibi said 1881 Palestinians have been killed, of whom 80% are civilians, including 315 children, since the beginning of the Israeli aerial, ground and naval aggression.


 “All Palestinian children killed in Gaza had names, faces, and families, as well as hopes and dreams just like your daughters, Malia and Sasha.”


“Your echoing of the Israeli propaganda that the Palestinians hide behind their children is not acceptable. A number of human rights organizations confirmed that the Palestinians do not use their children as human shields. It is quite the exact opposite; the Israeli army always uses Palestinians as human shields during its military operations,” he added.


He stressed that the Palestinian people love their children and cry over their death just like any other parents.”


He said that the death of children should torture anyone with a conscience, addressing Obama and asking him, “don’t the children of Gaza deserve life, liberty and empathy on your part for their suffering?”


Tibi also accused the Obama administration “of hypocrisy, after they called the alleged kidnapping of Lieutenant Hadar Goldin ‘barbaric’, while the IDF was bombing hospitals, schools, homes, mosques, UN facilities, ambulances, and even the only power source in Gaza,” reported Jerusalem online.


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