Hijazi Qurʼān


Part of the Islamic Manuscripts Collection.

Fragments of a Hijazi Qurʼān probably written in the second century A.H. / eighth century A.D., containing verses from the Sura al-Anfāl (سورة الأنفال).


detailed description:

Physical Location: University Library
Classmark: MS Add.1125
Descriptive Title(s): al-Qurʼān viii, 10-72.
Uniform Title: القرآن
Subject(s): Koran
Date of Creation: Probably 2nd century A.H. / 8th century C.E.
Language(s): Arabic
Former Owner(s): Palmer, Edward Henry, 1840-1882; Tyrwhitt Drake, E.E.
Format: Leaf
Ownership: Bought from Professor E.H. Palmer and E.E. Tyrwhitt Drake in 1878.
Funding: JISC
Data Source(s): This manuscript description was created by Ignacio Sanchez at the Middle Eastern Department of Cambridge University  Library. For the Paleaographic classification refer to Déroche, 1992.
Author(s) of the Record: Ignacio Sanchez
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no. 806

Cambridge University Library, A hand-list of the Muḥammadan manuscripts: including all those written in the Arabic character, preserved in the library of the University of Cambridge contributor: Edward Granville Browne (Cambridge: University Press, 1900).


thanks to: Cambridge Digital Library

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