Spain to follow suit and recognize Palestine

MADRID,(PIC)– The Spanish Parliament is expected to discuss a proposal submitted by the Socialist Party to vote on recognizing Palestinian statehood within June 1967 borders.

Anadolu News Agency quoted a member of the Spanish Parliament, demanded not to be named, as saying that the parliament will discuss the proposal on Monday and set a date to hold a vote on the recognition of a Palestinian state.

“The time has come for the recognition of Palestine after three years of being recognized by the UN as a non-member observer state,” spokeswoman for Spain’s Socialist Party Trinidad Jiménez said Thursday.

The left-wing bloc in Spanish Parliament declared its total support for the proposal, stressing the importance of the recognition of Palestine to achieve peace in the Middle East.

The vote came following the British parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state on Monday.

Sweden, for its part, had declared its recognition of Palestine, making it the first European Union country to do so.

The Irish Parliament Thursday also discussed recognizing Palestine as an official state following the Swedish diplomatic recognition, according to Wafa news agency.

It said that a number of questions were directed to Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore regarding the country’s plans to recognize Palestine in a similar action taken by the Swedish parliament.

Gilmore affirmed during the session Ireland’s support for the Palestinian state, which should be fulfilled soon.

He confirmed that the Irish policies are designed to support peace agreements through negotiations, which proved fundamental to achieve such goal.

Gilmore then explained that political talks regarding a peaceful settlement must be carried out soon, a view expressed before during the Cairo Conference for reconstructing Gaza. He said that Ireland’s stance would continue to be evaluated with the European Union partners.

thanks to: Palestinian Information Centre

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