SOAS votes for academic boycott of Israel – SOAS vota per il boicottaggio accademico di Israele

LONDON, (PIC)– The SOAS, University of London, Friday voted in favor of the academic boycott of Israel, with an overwhelming majority of 73%.

The vote, open to students, academics, and management staff at the university, finished with 73% for the “yes” campaign and 27% for “No” campaign.

Among some 1,708 students who partook in the vote, 1,283 voted in favor while 425 students voted against.
60% of the involved lecturers along with 91% of the university employees voted yes.

Observers said the move is a heavy bow dealt to Israel by one of the world’s most prominent academic institutions.

Founded in 1916, and inaugurated by King George V, SOAS immediately became integral in training British administrators, in multi-disciplinary overseas postings. World University Rankings placed SOAS sixth in the UK.

La prestigiosa SOAS-School of Oriental and African Studies-, dell’Università di Londra, venerdì ha votato a favore del boicottaggio accademico di Israele, con una schiacciante maggioranza del 73%.

Il voto, aperto a studenti, accademici e staff gestionale dell’università, ha avuto come esito un 73% di “Sì” e un 27% di “No”.

Tra i circa 1.708 studenti che hanno votato, 1.283 si sono espressi a favore del boicottaggio e 425 contro.
60% dei docenti coinvolti, insieme al 91% del personale universitario ha votato per il “sì”.

thanks to: The Palestinian Information Center

Infopal News Agency

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