0 thoughts on “Saudi air force kills Yemeni civilians, destroys ancient mosque

  • 13 May 2015 at 19:43

    itz horroble killing own muslims brothers destroying mosques, the role plays by saudi arabia or aggressiveness and grudge has projeccted a bad name on saudi arabia why killing innocent people where i IOC is it sleeping or hide from this world.

    the sufferings of yemeni people is not far from calamity as such sir strikes and destruction of men and materials is equilent to israeli attack on palestine what is the difference between israel and saudi arabia the two faces of same coin.

    pls stop i appeal to king salman not to adhere to the policies makers who are exploiting the saudi regime i respect king salam but i dont know why beinga good human listen to those people who want revenge only revenge oh my god

    for the sake muslim ummah stop all vioence against yemeni people


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