Mishaal: The Palestinians and the occupation cannot coexist

http://gaza.scoop.ps/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Meshaal-400-x-304.jpgDOHA, (PIC)– Head of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal has said that the Palestinian people have proven with their blood that they can never coexist with the occupation and settlement.

In a special interview conducted last night by al-Jazeera satellite channel, the Palestinian leader called on the world to anticipate more initiatives and surprises from an occupied people aspiring for freedom.

“We need the intifada (uprising) to curb the settlers, stop the attacks on Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque, and restore the Palestinian cause’s prestige,” Mishaal said.

He stressed the need for reaching an understanding on a common strategy for the intifada and how to run it on the ground, describing it as “a historic moment and a merit that should be agreed upon nationally.”

The Hamas official underlined that the current intifada frustrated the Israeli government’s plan to divide the Aqsa Mosque after the failure of all political initiatives, warning that abandoning the option of intifada and resistance would end the entire national project.

He added that the intifada brought the Palestinian cause back to the regional and international arenas and unified the Palestinian people inside and outside occupied Palestine.

He also emphasized the importance of providing the intifada with an official support from the Palestinian political leadership, which he said should take a decision allowing its security apparatuses and institutions to take part in it.

“I am telling the [Palestinian Authority] leadership. This is a historic moment. This is a merit. The intifada is backed by the people, but it also needs protection, backup and a decision from it,” he said.

He also called on Fatah faction to actively participate in the intifada, asserting that it is against the occupation and not the Palestinian Authority.

Mishaal affirmed that his Movement would go on with the intifada until the end. “We have engaged in the intifada and we will be there till the end. We also invite everyone to take part.”

Commenting on recent threats by Benjamin Netanyahu about his government’s ability to demolish the Aqsa Mosque, the Hamas official said that anyone who dares destroy the Mosque would only accelerate Israel’s demise.

He finally urged the Arab and Muslim leaders and governments to assume their responsibilities and protect the Aqsa Mosque, affirming that the Palestinian people defend themselves on their own land, and their resistance is completely different from terrorism.

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