Shot for flying a flag in Gaza

Muhammad al-Bhaisy remains in critical condition after being hit by Israeli bullet.

The boundary between Gaza and Israel has been a deadly place for Palestinians. Israeli forces killed at least 16 Palestinians during protests in that area between 1 October and 6 November.

Israel’s violence did not deter 22-year-old Muhammad al-Bhaisy from joining a demonstration at the boundary on 6 November. Accompanied by his friend Sharif Mousa, he brought along a large Palestinian flag. On the way to the protest from his home in the Deir al-Balah refugee camp, Muhammad found a stick on the street, to which he fastened the flag.

Hundreds of young Palestinians took part in the protest at the boundary that day. As Muhammad and Sharif arrived, they could see that Israeli soldiers had already begun firing tear gas and bullets.

After approximately 20 minutes, Muhammad suddenly ran towards the boundary fence, near al-Bureij, another refugee camp in Gaza. Sharif tried to hold his friend back. But he couldn’t.

A video of the incident has been uploaded to Facebook.

It shows Israeli soldiers opening fire towards Muhammad as he runs. They do not hit him, at first.

Then Muhammad arrives at the boundary fence and mounts his flag upon it. At that moment, he is shot.

Muhammad falls to the ground, but then raises an arm to let people know he is still alive. When several other young men rush to try and rescue him, Israeli soldiers fire on them, forcing them to retreat.

Finally, another group manages to run to Muhammad and carry him away. All the while, Israeli soldiers continue firing on them as they run away from the fence.


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