Pope Francis criticizes Western interference in Middle East, Africa

Pope Francis has criticized Western powers for attempting to export democracy to countries in the Middle East and Africa without paying attention to local political cultures. The pontiff was speaking to the French Catholic newspaper, La Croix.

Faced with current Islamist terrorism, we should question the way a model of democracy that was too Western was exported to countries where there was a strong power, as in Iraq, or Libya, where there was a tribal structure,” the pontiff .

We cannot advance without taking these cultures into account. As a Libyan said some time ago: ‘We used to have one Gaddafi, now we have 50 of them!’” he added, pointing to how Western interference influenced the states he mentioned.

Libya’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed back in 2011, during an uprising that resulted in the Libyan Civil War, with NATO’s military intervention bringing about the government’s downfall.

he pontiff has often discussed Western policies, or “cultural colonialism” as he put it, criticizing these policies for attempting to impose Western values in exchange for financial aid.

As to the roots of these Western policies, the pontiff claims they barely stem from Christian values, as Europe has always been multicultural – and therefore multi-religious.

We must talk about the roots in plural because there are so many of them. When I hear about the Christian roots of Europe, I sometimes fear the tone, which can be triumphalist or vengeful. This then becomes colonialism.

Europe, yes, has Christian roots, but in a spirit of service and washing of feet. The duty of Christianity for Europe is the service. And not colonization.

Speaking of the increasing number of migrants from Middle Eastern countries flooding Europe, Pope Francis said EU countries should treat immigrants better, touting the election of the new Muslim mayor of London as a successful step to take immigrants out of their cultural and social “ghetto.”

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